Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy

EMTT® is an FDA-approved form of magnetic regeneration therapy designed to effectively aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and tendinopathy, which is the pain, swelling and impaired performance of tendons often caused by overuse. A non-invasive regeneration therapy, EMTT® helps many patients avoid surgery and, by accelerating the healing process, also mitigates downtime.

Additional uses of EMTT® include relief from muscle spasms, treatment of disuse atrophy, increased blood circulation, muscle ‘re-education’ due to various causes, increasing range of motion, and post-surgical stimulation to prevent venous thrombosis.

EMTT® is often the final step I use for patients who have already benefited from EPAT® and ESWT treatments, and has proven to be an important part of many treatment protocols.

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“After only two treatments, I began to improve…”

“The surgeries for my breast cancer left me cancer-free but also riddled with pain…After only two treatments, I began to improve. And, now, after six treatments I am almost pain-free.”

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