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“While many people associate orthotics with foot pain and its treatment, we need to instead step back, and understand the human body not as a series of discrete pieces – knees, shoulders, ankles, back – but instead as an integrated machine,” says Dr. Nathanson. “Like any ‘machine,’ our bodies are designed to work optimally when all of our ‘parts’ are properly aligned. When one part is out of alignment, it affects adjacent parts and, eventually, the entire machine.”

In the case of our physical bodies, when one element goes out of balance – especially foundational balance affecting the whole of a person, such as problems related to one’s feet – this can essentially set off a chain reaction which, over time, can affect a person’s entire musculoskeletal system. Nothing is truly isolated in our bodies, and even the smallest misalignment can, over time, greatly impact our bio-mechanical structure and lead to pain and disfunction throughout the body. Many of the root causes of knee, leg, hip and lower back pain find their origins in or, at the very least, are exacerbated by basic misalignment issues which can effectively be mitigated by proper assessment and the application of custom orthotic devices.

Because our feet serve as our body’s foundation, their proper support and alignment is critical to our holistic well-being. The creation and proper use of custom orthotics has been proven to relieve ailments caused by pronation (a condition wherein the arch of the foot falls inward toward the midline of the body) such as knee pain, and supination (when the ankles lean outward) which affects knees, hips and lower back.

In addition, custom orthotics provide superior comfort, reduced pain and enhanced athletic performance by gently and continually keeping the body in optimal alignment. At New England Physical Care we offer a number of custom and semi-custom orthotic solutions and, in some cases, we can create in-house on the day of your appointment so that you can get back on the road to wellness almost immediately. In keeping with our philosophy, we recognize that not every solution is right for every person. As such, we encourage you to simply give us a call to discuss your situation and, if it’s right for you, schedule your initial examination.

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“After only a few treatments I had regained much of my lost mobility…”

“After only a few treatments I had regained much of my lost mobility… I really believe in what he’s doing and can honestly say that his techniques have made a tremendous difference in my life!” – Patient

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