An Ancient Discipline For Healing

As with every aspect of our offerings, acupuncture is in keeping with our overarching philosophy of assessing discomfort and establishing a custom treatment protocol designed to enable us to realistically and effectively reach a goal of being pain free and with greater freedom of movement and increased physical performance. As a certified acupuncturist, it is my experience that certain techniques within this ancient discipline can help the body to not only heal, but in some cases become healthier overall.

Benefits of acupuncture can include relief from and improvement of a wide variety of conditions spanning digestive ailments, such an IBS and indigestion to emotional disorders and has been used in the treatment of anxiety and depression. For our purposes, its proven efficacy in the reduction of chronic pain dovetails nicely with our work here at New England Physical care, and is often a part of the conversation when assessing this type of malady. As always, we recognize that no individual or situation is the same, so we simply use all of the tools at our disposal, and ask that you keep an open mind to all potential approaches, as that is the best way to find the right path to wellness for you and your situation.

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“Brian is the real deal…”

“As a Physical Therapist I am very critical of others professionals approach to care. Brian is the real deal, he understand the body and how to treat the whole person. He works with the fascial system which is a main component of pain is a lot of people dysfunctions, not may providers treat this system! If you have tried chiropractic care before and did not see results try New England Physical Care in every profession there are good and there are not so good and Brian is great!” – Patient

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